Complete Diesel Engines and Sub Assemblies

Reconditioned and good second hand units.

Components include crankshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, injector pumps, conrods, camshafts, flywheels and housings, manifolds and sumps. if you are overhauling your engine you must contact us.

We have over 120 diesel engines for stripping. So any small component you may require is available. From nuts and bolts to cam followers and combustion chambers and every part in between.

See our range of new crankshafts available at unbelievable prices. All cranks are dynamically balanced and ready for installation.

Here are some of the engines we are currently stripping:


Gearboxes, Diffs, Centre Portions

Reconditioned and good second hand units available. There are also many stripped units. If you require only a gear or synchro or crown wheel and pinion, there is a large variety to select from. We also specialise in the overhaul of your gearbox. Due to the large availability of quality used spares we are able to overhaul your gearbox at prices that cannot be beaten.

Starter Motors and Alternators

Full range of tested units, ready for installation at prices cheaper than repairing your damaged units.

Trucks for Stripping

Trucks are added to our stock on a weekly basis and include the following: Ford, Hino, Isuzu, Leyland, Mercedes, Mitsibushi, Nissan, Scania, Toyota and many more. Any chassis parts, rims, fuel tanks, bumpers and more are available.

Deliveries and Country Orders

A delivery service is operated twice daily in the Gauteng area. For clients outside Gauteng, we distribute nation wide on a host of carriers and overnight delivery is available throughout South Africa.

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